Hello, I'm Lorenzo from Schio, Italy.

I work with servers and code.

I enjoy things like beer , games and piano .

Find me over at or Facebook.

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 Citrus Suite work September 2013

Citrus Suite is a UK based creative design studio producing mobile apps for globally known clients. They create award winning apps, digital tools and toys to entertain, engage and empower. They have a keen interest in gamification, data visualisation, mHealth and innovations that help businesses improve efficiency. I had the opportunity to work with them at several projects like a voting API, an Android App and several research tasks.


TheNounProject.com translator and reviewer

Github.com user: browse my works

ITT G. Chilesotti formation Current

Currently I'm attending the fifth year of the "Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico G. Chilesotti": IT and telecommunications course (Abacus). Here I learned and still study programming languages like
C, C++, C# and Java; system administration and networking; embedded systems like Raspberry Pi and ‎Arduino.


  • ~ C#, C++, SQL
  • ~ System administration
  • ~ Basics of electronics/comm

E-mail: lorenzo.stl@gmail.com

Skype: lorenz.st